PLEASE HELP FAST!!!!Given cos A = 0.42, find angle A in degrees. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.65.17 degrees22.78 degrees 114.83 degrees24.83 degreesFind the arc length with the given information.Central angle = 3.14/4, radius = 6 (3.14 = pie)3.14/242(3.14)/33(3.14)/43(3.14)/2Which angle has its terminal side in the third quadrant?3(3.14)/43.14/35(3.14)/37(3.14)/6Determine the quadrant for an angle with the following characteristics: sin(theta) < 0 and tan(theta)<0Quadrant IQuadrant II Quadrant IIIQuadrant IV

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If cos A  = 0.42, find the angle A in degrees.

If you use a calculator, the calculator will probably express the angle in radians, not in degrees:       arccos 0.42 = 1.137 radians.

Now convert 1.137 radians to degrees as follows:

1.137 rad       180 deg
-------------- * -------------- = 65.17 degrees
     1                  π rad