I Need The Answer Plz Geometry Is Hard!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:12√5Step-by-step explanation:According to the attached sketch, there are 2 triangles which we need to focus on, triangle A (in yellow) and triangle B (In red).If you look at triangle A, we notice that X is the hypotenuse of triangle A. This means that X must be the largest length in triangle A, hence we can say that x must be greater than 24 (or 24 < x)Now look at triangle B, in this case, they hypotenuse is 30 and x is the length of one of the sides. This means that x must be shorter than the hypotenuse (i.e x < 30)from the 2 paragraphs above, we can see now that we can assemble an inequality in x24 < x < 30If we look at the choices, we can immediately ignore 33 because x must be less than 30, working out the choices, we find that the only choice which falls into the range 24<x<30 is the 2nd choice 12√5  (= 26.83)  (which is the answer)The last 2 choices give values smaller than 24 and are hence cannot be the answer