I need help with question 9

Accepted Solution

9514 1404 393Answer:   a) yes   b) see attached   c) see discussion   d) neither   e) increasing (2,5); decreasing (-2, 2)Step-by-step explanation:a) The graph passes the vertical line test, so is the graph of a function.__b) A table of values is attached__c) Generally, this sort of function would be defined piecewise:   [tex]\displaystyle f(x)=\begin{cases}-\dfrac{1}{2}x+1&\text{for }-2\le x<2\\2x-4&\text{for }2\le x \le5\end{cases}[/tex]In the attachment, we have shown the use of the "maximum" function to define it. The effect is the same.__d) The function has no symmetry about the origin or the y-axis, so is neither odd nor even.__e) The function is increasing where the line has positive slope, on the interval (2, 5). The function is decreasing where the line has negative slope, on the interval (-2, 2).