Eva and Liam are reading a novel in their English class Liam has read 17 less pages than Eva has if they read 265 pages combined how many pages has Liam read?

Accepted Solution

Eva has read 141 pages and Liam has read 124 pages.Step-by-step explanation:Let, Pages read by Eva = xPages read by Liam = yAccording to given statement;x+y=265   Eqn 1y=x-17   Eqn 2Putting value of y from Eqn 2 in Eqn 1[tex]x+(x-17)=265\\x+x-17=265\\2x-17=265\\2x=265+17\\2x=282[/tex]Dividing both sides by 2[tex]\frac{2x}{2}=\frac{282}{2}\\x=141[/tex]Putting x=141 in Eqn 2[tex]y=141-17\\y=124[/tex]Eva has read 141 pages and Liam has read 124 pages.Keywords: Linear equation, substitution methodLearn more about linear equations at:brainly.com/question/7294502brainly.com/question/7449065#LearnwithBrainly