Assume that 1400 births are randomly selected and 698 of the births are girls. Use subjective judgment to describe the number of girls as significantly​ high, significantly​ low, or neither significantly low nor significantly high.

Accepted Solution

Answer:neither significantly low nor significantly high.Step-by-step explanation:Great question, it is always good to ask away and get rid of any doubts that you may be having.Since there are a total of 1400 births we can easily calculate that half of that number is 700. Since the total number of girls born are 698 we can see that it is basically half of the total number of births. Therefore I can subjectively state that this number is neither significantly low nor significantly higher. There are almost an equal number of girls being born than there are boys.I hope this answered your question. If you have any more questions feel free to ask away at Brainly.