A class of 40 students elected a class president. There were 12 votes for Candidate A, and 18 votes for Candidate B. The remaining students in the class did not vote. Which expression gives the percent of voters who voted for Candidate A?(The picture is the answers )

Accepted Solution

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The correct answer will be the first one since [I'm assuming] you know that to calculate the percentage of something, it's the amount of that something divided by the total amount but since only 30 students voted [12+18] multiplied by 100.

So, we are calculating the percentage on votes and 12 students voted for Candidate A so our Numerator will be 12 and our Denominator will be the total amount of student who voted, so 30 [or 12+18]

Once put into a fraction, we will get [tex] \frac{12}{12+18} [/tex] which would be equals to 2/5 or 0.4. Now we multiply by 100 and we get a total of 40% for Candidate A.

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