1. A recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of flour, 3/4 cup of white sugar, and 1/3 cup of brown sugar. The recipe makes 6 servings. (a) How many cups of flour are there per serving? Show your work.(b) How many total cups of sugar (white and brown) are there per serving? Show your work.(c) Suppose you modify the recipe so that it makes 9 servings. How much more flour do you need for the modified recipe than you need for the original recipe? Show your work.

Accepted Solution

A.) you take the number r of servings and divide it by the number of cups of flour which would be 0.25 cups of flour or 1/4 cups of flour per serving

B.) You add 0.75 (amount of white sugar) and add 0.33 (amount of brown sugar) which is 1.08 then divide it by 6 and you will get 0.18 cups per serving 

C.) You take the initial amount of cups you got from part A and multiply it by because the number of servings doesn't change the amount you use per serving and you would get 2 and 1/4  cups of flour for the 9 servings.

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